Saydi Ogden

Saydi Ogden is a dancer and circus artist/ performer from Joplin, Missouri. She began her dance training at age four, and was introduced to aerial arts in 2013, training with Midwest regional ballet company. There, she performed in many high intensity performances and attended a variety of workshops including those by William Henry, Cat Cogliandro, Caleb Brauner, The Legacy Dance Project, Mia Michaels, and Momix. She attended the intensive, Step It Up, in Los Angeles where she attended acting and theater workshops as well as a variety of dance workshops all over the city. She later moved to Chicago, Illinois to continue her training at the Actors Gymnasium’s Professional circus program. Since Graduating, she is ecstatic to take on new projects and create using her vast mix of artistic talents.

Lin has served the dance community for over 25 years as a performer, choreographer and teacher. She has an MA in Dance from American University where she received the Independent Choreographer's award from the Metropolitan Dance Association in Washington, DC. She served on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Dance Coalition for 7 years and founded the Chicago Dance Coalition Newsletter. She has also served on the dance panels of the Illinois Arts Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs. Lin is a Dance Specialist in Chicago area schools through Urban Gateways and Art Start and an Artist-in-Residence for the Illinois Arts Council. She has done extensive writing for the Illinois Arts Alliance for Education, the Chicago Board of Education and the State of Illinois.