Past Events 2022-23

Perceptual Motion, Inc.’s choreography often steps outside the box of traditional dance, employing intriguing props and costumes, dancing on ladders, in tents and under tarps, creating stunning moving images, forests,  oddball characters… and telling the human story through movement. Its mission is to engage dancers of mixed ages to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, expand ideas and create community. Its artistic director is award-winning choreographer Lin Shook.



 Annual Concert- To Touch the Earth- at the Edge Theater
The Breakers Retirement Apartments
The Admiral by the Lake
Yippee Fest Chicago
Dancing in River Park 
Dancing in the Square 
Chicago Dance Month at Promontory Point

Dancing Yoga at Pilgrim Lutheran School

Intergenerational Dance & Music Residency at Salman House

Tai Chi at The Breakers Retirement Apartments
Tai Chi at Weiss Hospital 


Perceptual Motion, Inc. is supported by  the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events , the Illinois Arts Council Agency & Individual donations.  

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