Thank you for your wonderful Ideas, it was difficult to choose!​


I chose Bill’s idea-the life cycle of a butterfly- because it mirrors where we are right now. We are in a cocoon phase, transforming our lives in preparation for a new life, a new world, that awaits us when things are safe. The wonder and magic of the transformation is coupled with fear and challenges, but the possibilities for a better life, a better world, are endless!

The Ideas

In Just by E.E. Cummings
Submitted by Lynne Flanagan

In just Spring

When the world is mud

Luscious the little Lame balloon man

Whistles far and wee and

Eddie and Bill come

Running from marbles and piracies

It’s Spring When the world is puddle Wonderful and queer

Old balloon man whistles

Far and wee and Betty and Disbel come dancing

From hopscotch and jump rope it’s Spring and the goat footed balloon man whistles Far and wee



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