Your Ideas In Motion

Dance lifts us up and empowers us to move forward.     

Your Ideas in Motion

is here to help you get through these gray days. We invite you to send in your idea for a dance you’d like to see. The chosen idea will be choreographed and produced, online, live, or both. You can give as much detail as you wish.  Feel free to contact us to discuss.  See your idea come to life!

January 12-February 5 2021

Here are some questions to get you started:

What are you curious about?

Is there a favorite quote, short poem, or word that peaks your interest?

A number? A color? A gesture?

A sculpture, painting or photograph?

What feeds your spirit?

What gives you joy?

Send your ideas to along with your contact info. Deadline-February 5. We look forward to seeing what you’re thinking!

Perceptual Motion, Inc.’s mission is to engage dancers of mixed generations to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, and create community.