“For many people, dancing is a fantastic way to lose themselves in the vibrating rhythm of the music. It helps them to forget all the problems in their lives and to simply enjoy the present moment.”   Steve  Mueller



Let’s Dance This Year!


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       We will be offering some exciting new Zoom classes starting in March! 

       Anybody Can Dance class       

Tiny Dance Breaks: 2 classes- 

Computer Co-workers and Solo Dance Break     Go to the education page for details


Wellness Classes on Zoom

Tai Chi for Elders-Mondays 4:00-4:45-free!

Tai Chi for Elders-Tuesdays 10:00-11:00-free!

More Info on Registration & Pricing under Upcoming Shows


DITS 2019 Chicago Line


Donations to Perceptual Motion, Inc. are tax deductible and go to the very worthy cause of making the healing, empowering and joy of dance available to people of all ages. In addition to our concerts for the general public-that often include talented out-of-town artists- we also produce dance events like Dancing in the Square, The Chicago Line and Classes and Workshops that engage the community.   We’re small, but we deliver big benefits.  Your contributions keep us going.



 Ways to contribute to Perceptual Motion, Inc

1) Make a donation on-line. If you donate $100 or more, you’ll receive 2 free tickets to attend our new initiative: an exclusive “Meet the Artists” event, with a look at a new work, discussion of and hands on experiences in the choreographic process, informal talks with company members and refreshments.

2) Mail a check made payable to:Perceptual Motion, Inc.  4057 N. Damen Ave.  Unit 1  Chicago, Il. 60618   

3) Make a monthly donation of $10 or $15.  Small monthly amounts can make a big difference to us!  

4) Volunteer your time. We are always looking for volunteers!  

5) Use Amazon Smile when doing your online shopping.  Go to  smile.amazon.com/ch/36-3272260  and Amazon donates to Perceptual Motion Inc.  

Thank you in advance for your generous support

MISSION: Perceptual Motion, Inc. engages dancers of mixed generations to create inspiring images and meaningful artistic experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, and create community.

 Perceptual Motion, Inc. is supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency and many generous individuals.

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 We Live to Dance!
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