Older Adults Program

Older Adults Program:

 Perceptual Motion, Inc.’s Older  Adults  Program  inspires, educates,  entertains and honors our  older  adult students and audiences.

Gives professional older adult  dancers  empowered roles in  performances.

Provides interactive activities and  dance  performances to a mixture of  ethnic and  economic groups within  the older  adult community.
Encourages physical and verbal interaction  among students/audience members and  between professional artists and older adults.

Provides older adults with high quality professional dance performances and classes.

Perceptual Motion, Inc. has worked with older adults since 1985. PMI brings the rich and varied world of dance to people in retirement centers, nursing homes and community centers. We give them opportunities to experience dance as both audience and participant. Performances and Tai Chi/Movement classes specifically for older adults are designed to enhance their lives, their health, and their well being.

In performances, our combination of audience participation and performance connects the older adult audience to the performers in a very personal way. PMI’s professional older adult dancers are role models and inspiration to audiences everywhere. Our activities applaud older adults as vital and active people whom the company respects and enjoys.

The Artful Dance Project is a series of dance and visual arts workshops at retirement centers. Each site receives workshops that combine dance, visual art, and song. The culmination of the project at each site is a performance for family and friends consisting of PMI dancers, residents, and staff dancing, singing and moving together interspersed with brief anecdotes spoken and expressed through movement. Artwork created in the visual arts component is incorporated into the performance.


 Anybody Can Dance Class  On Zoom

Dance classes feed your body and soul. Anybody Can Dance  classes are for adults 40 and up who want to experience the joy of dance in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  Classes are tailored for the changing body and incorporate Modern dance technique, ballet, yoga, and improvisation.  The classes enable students to experience the emotional, artistic & spiritual  satisfaction of DANCING. Taught in a supportive, yet challenging manner by Lin Shook. 

Coming back when Safe:

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

Tuesdays 1:15-2:15     Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm    4057 N. Damen Avenue

 Geared for the older adult, Gentle Yoga emphasizes strengthening, stretching, breath & range of motion.  

Tai Chi for Elders:

Mather Edgewater                             Fridays 11-12am   St. Andrews  5649 N. Sheridan Rd

Weiss Hospital                                  Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 am  4646 N. Marine Drive

The Breakers at Edgewater           1st & 3rd Sats. 9:15-10am    5333 N. Sheridan Rd

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