Perceptual Motion, Inc. supports and applauds movers of all ages in cultivating lifelong connection, creativity, and meaning.

There are more people over 65 in the United States than ever before.  While Modern medicine has enabled people to live longer lives, opportunities for people to maintain a sense of purpose and identity by staying engaged in meaningful activities are somewhat limited.

Dance is an empowering and transformational experience. It gives us the opportunity to learn about and understand how the body moves, especially as we age. It gives us the skills and opportunity to communicate ideas and feelings that words cannot adequately express. Dance creates a bridge of nonverbal connection with others, so important to maintaining health and longevity.   

Dance Classes for Older Adults are designed to create moments of powerful engagement and intergenerational exchange. They provide an outlet for creativity and generate memorable, fun experiences.  Each class has a warm-up, movement combinations and time for people to express their ideas through movement in a supportive atmosphere.

There can be chances to perform for friends and family and perhaps perform with Perceptual Motion, Inc. in one of its concerts or events. Classes can be weekly, biweekly or once a month.


Perceptual Motion, Inc. has worked with senior citizens since 1985. PMI brings the rich and varied world of dance to senior citizens in retirement centers, nursing homes and community centers. We give them opportunities to experience dance as both audience and participant. Performances for elders are designed to enhance their lives, their health, and their well-being. 

The combination of audience participation and performance connects the older adult audience to the performers in a very personal way.  PMI’s professional older dancers are role models and inspiration to audiences everywhere.  The company applauds older adults as vital, active people with a wealth of experiences and wisdom to share. 

Performances for Older Adults…

…Inspire, educate, entertain, and honor the older adult audience.

…Provide interactive activities and performances to a mixture of ethnic and economic groups.

…Encourage physical and verbal interaction between audience members and professional artists.

…Give professional older dancers

empowered roles in performances.


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