Video Clips from Perceptual Motion Performances


“Into View,” choreographed by Lin Shook. Three dancers emerge from a crowd to explore interpretation, communication, and perception through a tightly woven dance of gesture and body language. Into View was Curator’s choice for the 2004 Around the Coyote Festival in Chicago, Illinois.


“Poles Apart,” choreographed by Lin Shook and Harvard Vallance, is a tongue in cheek commentary on the often day-to-day tug of war between the sexes inspired by Grant Woods painting “American Gothic”.


“When We Meet, the Universe Will Dance” , choreographed by Lin Shook, is about the people and experiences that come and go throughout one’s life. It is inspired by the Zulu practice of “ubuntu” or “humanity to others”, describing the philosophy, “I am what I am because of who we all are”.


“Spirits of the Trees,” choreographed by Lin Shook, is about regeneration and connection to nature. Dessa Kirk’s sculptures of part women, part tree goddesses on Chicago’s Northerly Island inspired it. The dance tells the story of three tree goddesses who are awakened by a wise woman/crone. To survive, each goddess must regenerate her own special power: earth, fire or wind. Spirits of the Trees reflects the resilience, power, strength and beauty symbolized by trees. Props are designed and created by Lin Shook in collaboration with well-known fiber artist Danny Mansmith.


“Dance of the 7 Chakras” (Chakra 4: Heart), choreographed by Lin Shook, is a complete work of choreography exploring the nature of the 7 Chakras, which are believed to be centers of the body from which a person can collect energy. The heart chakra stands at the center of all energies and unifies our being as a whole. It is the point around which all the energies turn. It is the place where unconditional love is centered. Its color is green.


“Conversation Interruptus,” choreographed by Lin Shook and Harvard Vallance, is a witty look at the impact of cell phones on our lives. They are both a blessing and a curse. Our addiction to them threatens our relationships. We stand amidst a vortex of interruptions, dropped connections, and a yearning for truly meaningful connection.