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Perceptual Motion Dance Company

Directed by award-winning choreographer Lin Shook,  Perceptual Motion’s mission is to engage dancers of mixed generations to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions and create community.

Incorporated in December 1983, Perceptual Motion has consistently produced excellent programs that have touched and empowered people of all ages and backgrounds. Perceptual Motion celebrates the powerful impact of dance in daily life. The choreography is exciting and accessible to the new dance audience as well as the seasoned viewer.

Lin Shook’s award-winning choreography centers on communicating, expressing, and celebrating life. Her compelling and timeless images convey empowerment, joy, aesthetics, self-awareness and community. Company dancers bring a wealth of expressive wisdom from their own life experience.

The well-crafted choreography, performed with zest and passionate energy by the dancers, ranges from wry humor to thoughtful and sensitive interpretations of the human experience. Clever text, quirky movement, inventive combinations, captivating music and a connection to the audience are trademarks of Ms. Shook’s choreographic style.

What the Audiences Say:   
Shook has an incredible imagination and talent as a choreographer .”
Such a delightful evening!”
” Lin Shook  & her wonderful dancers touched our hearts and made us laugh.” 
“I love seeing the older and younger dancers performing together. “
” Excellent performance!

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