Your Ideas In Motion

 The winning Idea is Lynne Flanagan’s constellations! 

The constellations. Perhaps start from the myths beginning e.g. the seven sisters as a basis for the big dipper. Or Ursus or Cassiopia and her chair.

Thanks to all who submitted their ideas -and to those who thought about submitting-

Final List-Your Ideas in Motion 2019

  1. One group represents T-Rump, and the other group represents the Dems (donkey?). Somehow they ‘interact’ and ‘settle their differences’. In other words It ends in a Peace.

2-Two fashionistas compete against each other including a strut walk to ridiculous heights

3-Two women compete for this one man; as the women compete the man gets puffed up. Finally he selects one! The loser storms off; then the woman who won dumps him.

4-A woman sits reading a book which leads to her book breaking out into reality; all kinds of crazy scenes “come out” and when she sighs and closes her book all is back to normal.

5-Brainstorm. You could have this scene of one or two scientists or engineers brainstorming and the like the above, have it come out into reality. Or you could use an artist famous or not. What would alter a cafe if the artist was Dali? Or a writer that persisted in including dark and stormy nights?

6-A romantic couple departs leaving the waitress alone to imagine a different present life for herself. Have to confess a Carol Burnett influence here, remember the scene of the theater being empty and the cleaning lady?

7-You could have a couple together–one stares at the cell phone while the other transform into? Has all kind of wild adventures.

8-zombie customers dance with their phones.

9- I remember working at a fast food place and people would come in so stoned/drunk they couldn’t get their orders spoken. We had two size of burgers. I always had to greet them with the same phrase, maybe something like “May I help you please?” and the manager would actually stand behind me and correct me if I didn’t say it exactly. Then the customer would slur, “I want–I want a BURGER.” I would ask, “Do you want a little burger or a big burger?” While his brain synapse stumbled to connect, he’d slumped over the edge of the counter. “A BIG burger.” Then I had to go seek the details. It was a back and forth pull between me and the customer akin to a stone faced detective asking the witness questions in a great mystery.

10- A couple enters; they’ve been together a long time. He sez,”This is the place.” She goes, “Umm, the place?” He: “Yea, you know. The place we did it.” She: “Did what, dear?” And it turns out they totally remember differently their past, especially where it happened. Did they meet at this restaurant? Get engaged? He thinks so; she does not. What does this say about their relationship that they don’t agree on where it happened? Does it matter? After all, right now THIS restaurant where they are is now THE PLACE where they can agree that they still love each other.

11.-Personal Awareness and the other dimensionals: A woman who is clearly costumed and dances as she is in ‘our plane of existence’.  Call her PA. PA’s past and future selves along with ancestors, linked friends occupy a dimension that can only communicate with her when she is sleeping, performing a ritual, meditating, orgasm, or drugs. PA is moved by her ‘communications’ and performs an uplifting ode to her ‘helpers’.

12- PA goes to the light: PA gets sick or old enough and dies./Spirit friends show up weeks before death./PA could dance in her dreams with them./Death is the full ensemble welcoming her.

13.-The constellations. Perhaps start from the myths beginning e.g. the seven sisters as a basis for the big dipper. Or Ursus or Cassiopia and her chair. I am fuzzy on how the constellations would appear, finally, in their place in the sky. A light form that suddenly or finally is shown on the ceiling.

14-.  The cell phone which has taken over our lives illustrated with a person or people totally enraptured by their phone and missing most of the life in front of them. Dancers could have enlarged enormous motions while the cell phone user continues to walk by them, not seeing anything.


In Your Ideas in Motion, we invite you to send in your idea for a dance you’d like to see choreographed. You can give as much or as little detail as you wish, but we ask for 3 sentences at least. Submissions are narrowed down to 3 and then drawn out of a hat on January 12.
If you win, you are given opportunities to participate in the choreographic process in a number of ways. If you wish, you can attend rehearsals to see the dance unfold, participate in brainstorming sessions, help choose music, costumes, props,participate in a Liz Lerman Critical Response Session and even perform in the dance alongside PMI dancers.

The dance will be  premiered in Perceptual Motion, Inc.’s  Spring concert 2019. The winner also receives 2 free tickets to the concert.

 Send in your ideas to NOW!

We can’t wait to see what you’re thinking!


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