Your Ideas In Motion

Thank you for Your Ideas!

The winning Idea is Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

See the premiere in We Touch the Earth, the Earth Touches Us

 Friday & Saturday April 17 & 18  at Links Hall 

1. There is a bacteria that can eat plastic…

2. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

3. Polar bears dying.  White sheets on floor. A tragedy for animals.
4.   All the people and animals that are going to be under water.
      The sea levels are rising. Ice melting.  More plastic than fish
5.  How our brain responds to threats and why we are not up in arms about climate change. We perceive threats that are intentional, immoral, imminent and instantaneous, based on how we evolved.  Climate change  feels like none of these. Have 4 sections that make us feel it is:
          1.  Intentional   2.  Immoral       3.  Imminent        4.  Instantaneous

NOTE: Since June we’ve been working on Shift, a dance with
images of the gulf stream, trash on the earth and in our water. 
 Photos coming soon!

Perceptual Motion, Inc.’s mission is to engage dancers of mixed generations to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, and create community.