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 Classes for You on Zoom

Gentle Modern Dance  Tuesdays July 14-August 4   3:15-4:00

Email pmidance@gmail.com to register. Pay  what you can starting at $7/class  Please pay through Zelle or mail in check    

Tai Chi for elders at Mather Edgewater Mondays at 4:00-4:45  Free!

ZOOM.US/JOIN    MEETING ID: 386-399-7030

                                              Tai Chi at Weiss Hospital  Tuesdays 10:05-11:05 Free!

URL – https://zoom.us/j/5552594442   PASSWORD: 4466


Upcoming Activities To be Scheduled When Safe      

Performance at The Breakers Retirement Apartments

Noontime performance at the Harold Washington Library Cindy Pritzker Auditorium

              Summer TBA             Teen Modern dance/yoga-4057 N. Damen 

      Summer   TBA          Kids dance at Lakeside Square Apts. 

TBA                             Gentle Yoga at 4057 N Damen       


Events & Performances To Be Rescheduled:

The Plasticity of Fashion through Sculpture and Dance


With the 50-year anniversary of Earth Day, it only seems fitting to address the outrageous and out of control use of plastic.  This free workshop/performance is intended to raise awareness, heal and inspire action in a fun and creative environment. Make a dress out of Target bags, a cape from a shower curtain liner trimmed with spoons, a men’s suit from garbage bags, a vest out of bubble wrap, or a hat out of food containers– the possibilities are endless!  

Visual Artist Toby Zallman will lead a workshop on making clothing from recycled plastic.  Perceptual Motion, Inc. will  model plastic clothing and perform  a dance to be premiered in the upcoming concert We Touch the Earth, the Earth Touches Us.  North Park Village Nature Center, 5801 N. Pulaski.  


  We Touch the Earth,the Earth Touches Us 

Tackling the topic of Climate Change 

Dances are inspired by the climate crisis and intended to raise awareness, heal and inspire action.

Shift  (premiere) addresses receding shorelines, gulf winds and garbage in our waterways. How must we adapt our behavior and attitudes in order to survive on this beautiful Earth?

 Within the Silence (2018) is a dance for the company, 2 children and guest dancers inspired by Shook’s passion for nature and love of walking in the woods. A line of dancers walks through the space in precise unison with gestures inspired by nature. Children are balanced in the air on dancers’ feet like dragonflies, dancers slide across the floor like leaves floating on water, an Elder asks us to rest in the beauty and feel the earth’s breath. Within the Silence stretches our perception of time, challenges our comfort with silence and allows the viewer to look deeply into the fragile beauty of the natural world. 

It Will Never Go Away (premiere) Plastic never biodegrades-it is here to stay. It breaks down into tiny particles that are in our food, our water, our bodies. There are huge islands of plastic in our oceans. See how PMI dancers use plastic to their advantage.   

Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano (2006) is a fast-paced, energetic trio with music by Afro Celt Soundsystem.  Imagine standing on the edge of a volcano wanting to see and understand what it is, yet knowing and fearing the impending danger of an eruption.  We are on the edge of The Climate Crisis. Will humanity survive, or make the necessary changes in time to reverse negative outcomes?




Perceptual Moption, Inc. is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency and many generous individuals.


 PMI’s mission is to engage dancers of mixed generations to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, and create community.