Dancing in the Square Call for Dancers

Looking for dance groups  for Dancing in the Square 2016.  Must be available on Sunday July 31 between 5:30 and 7:00pm.

Dancing in the Square is a neighborhood dance festival now in its 4th year.  The festival is free and fun for people of all ages.  A major goal of the festival is to give audiences opportunity to see and learn about various genres of dance through performance and hands on activities with the dancers. In the past we have had Modern Dance, Tahitian Dance, Middle Eastern Dance and Flamenco.

Performers have one 20 minute slot in which to perform and conduct interactive activity in their dance genre. (It has typically been 10 minutes of performance and 10 min. of activity).

Email  pmidance@gmail.com for application form. Deadline July 13.


Outstanding Performance!

Lin Shook & PMI dancers and guest artists rocked the house in River/Sky/Lake/Clouds on Saturday June 11 at The Ruth Page Theatre.

Audiences Experienced the Magic of Different Generations Dancing Together in poignant and profound ways.

It was an incredible evening!   The 6 dances were performed beautifully. 

Audiences joined 3 women at the sea in the early morning in Where the Sky Meets the Sea.  Experienced the intersections of energy, Tai Chi, calligraphy and modern dance in Ener-Chi. Rolled in the aisles laughing as 4 feisty women confront the steriotypes associated with aging in Babes in Babushkas.  Learnedin just 5 minutes! how the universe was created in Unbiting the Apple.  Remembered a past love in Across Time and Space.  Heard how a jock fell in love with dance in Dance 101.  Choreography was by Lin Shook and Guest Artist Harvard Vallance.



Your donations help bring the joy of dance into people’s lives!

 We Live to Dance!

Perceptual Motion is a multi-generational modern dance company comprised of dynamic and accomplished dancers in Chicago, Illinois. We dance with passion, grace, and a commitment to bringing the joy of dance into people’s lives. Perceptual Motion dancers bring a wealth of expressive wisdom from their diverse life experiences.

PMI’s (Perceptual Motion Inc.) programming explores and celebrates the powerful impact of dance in our lives. In 2006, the National Center for Creative Aging honored Perceptual Motion as one of six organizations nationwide named Selected Best Practices in Dance for Older People.


Perceptual Motion, Inc. engages dancers of mixed generations to create inspiring images and meaningful artistic experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, and create community.

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